Gymnify Security

Gymnify’s founder began his career in computer science and worked as a consultant and senior team leader in the areas of security and infrastructure for over 15 years. His passion for fitness & technology collided once he became a gym owners himself and began to deal with the same real-world issues that all Gymnify client face every day.

Our ecosystem is designed around versatility and security, with a heavy emphasis on security.

Critical Security Features:

  • With IDS / IPS we can see all traffic in real-time, flag anomalies, research the traffic, and block it within seconds, not days, weeks, or months like some other providers.
  • Our data is geographically diverse with backups of all data consistently, which is replicated to our multiple datacenters across the US that have built-in “Air Gaps” working to keep our data secure from a crypto locker or similar attacks.
  • NO financial data is ever stored on our servers.  At sign up, this data is sent to our banks and encrypted.  If our servers are ever breached, the most a typical hacker would be able to gain is free access to a gym. However, even that intrusion will likely be limited since we have machine learning resources that can detect inconsistent patterns of a client and will allow disabling of the clients’ accounts and alerting the gym manager to follow up with the client.
  • All client accounts are issued a QR code for facility access; however, these codes are changed regularly.  No exceptions. This makes our system more secure than your traditional methods that require a physical card to be issued to your clients, which rarely CHANGE, but are often shared.