Gymnify Automates Gym Billing

Never have another talk with a client about payment

  • Custom entry code created automatically upon sign up
  • Entry codes are connected to billing, so clients with unpaid balances can be reminded or access denied until payment is up to date
  • Visual security system
  • Eliminates the need for front desk staff

Gymnify is not just automated door entry.

Our automated billing system prompts members to update their billing information if their card doesn’t go through.

It prompts clients gently and multiple times in multiple ways, so you don’t have to. If for some reason they never update their information, then their door codes no longer work and they can no longer sign up for classes or training.

But just because a client drops off your active roll, you don’t have to make the decision to purge them or pay for them. Because Gymnify charges only on actual revenue, not number of clients on the rolls or features. So you can leave that client on the rolls and continue to market to them through our automated system. So that when they do get ready to work out again, they can come back easily.