Gymnify Automated Door Access

Door access for your gym – tied to your billing

  • Eliminates the need for front desk staff
  • More secure than traditional key card technology
  • Custom entry code created automatically upon sign up
  • Allows for 24 hour entry OR tiered entry times.
  • Entry codes are connected to billing, so clients with unpaid balances can be reminded or access denied until payment is up to date

Having personalized door access allows gyms to have tiered pricing to extend their product line. For example, tiers might be 24 hour access, seniors only times or peak time pricing.

Our door system is sturdy, easy to use and flexible.

The Gymnify system is MORE SECURE than traditional card door systems. With card systems, all a client has to do is to share their card. With our system, we have a variety of built in security measures ranging from monitoring usage to continually updating the client’s code.