A serious solution for business owners looking to maximize revenue.

CHEAPER BETTER FASTER...Cloud Based Solution that Truly closes the gap in a technology deficient industry.

Other companies will claim they have no hidden fees and a simple & easy billing structure. What they don't tell you upfront is the breakdown for their billing looks like this:

1-75 Transactions = $x.xxx
76-125 Transactions = $x.xxx
and so on...typically with highly monthly minimums.

Next, you have a payment gateway & processing company that will charge you a certain % per transaction (typically 3-4%) in addition to the other vendors. This company is independent of the gym software vendor, meaning another source of frustration and potential for gaps. 

In addition to the charges for the transactions, if your clients have returned NSF or Declined payment fees, not only do you lose that revenue, the companies PENALIZE you with an NSF/Decline payment fee.

On top of the transactions above, when a client disputes your transaction you immediately lose the revenue + a $15 "bank fee" for the dispute.  Most of the time you lose in these disputes and that $15 and the member is lost forever.

AND that is just to be able to bill your members...additional tools typically require even more vendors and more costs.

With Gymnify, we are truly an integrated SINGLE VENDOR SOLUTION.

With our most popular automation plan we charge a flat fee of 5% per transaction.

We have designed our system to seamlessly automate your revenue generation, gym services, and member retention, including the Facility Access Control, Point-of-Sale, Virtual Classrooms/Training, and many other tools that help make running a gym more profitable and rewarding.

Gyms that use our software report that over 70% of their net new clients sign up online and are impulse shoppers. Gymnify truly gives you the power to produce more revenue!

Gymnify Competitor 1 Competitor 2
Fully Automated Solution
*(payment processing, facility access control, virtual training, customer relation management, etc.)
ZERO – NSF / Decline Payment Fees
Daily Deposits – Quicker Cashflow
Cloud Based Solution
Built in Point-of-Sale
Built in SMS Platform
Built in Email Platform
Cloud Based Facilty Access Control
Virtual Training Platform