Automate Gym Sales with Gymnify

Automation for Gym Member Sign Up

  • No More Data Entry.
  • No More Incorrect Client Information.
  • No Staff Needed for Data Entry

These days, clients are used to systems where they enter their own contact and address information. There is no need to have administrative staff update this information with Gymnify. But we take it one step further to make it FULLY AUTOMATED by integrating door security and payment in one system.

New members will be able to register/sign up and pay using any web browser. After payment is approved by our integrated merchant account, which typically takes a few seconds, GYMNIFY will automatically generate and assign a QR code to that specific member that can then be immediately used to access the building. This automated process is so simple you’ll wonder why all systems aren’t this efficient.

  • No Manual Entry of Member Information
  • Immediate payment and billing integration
  • No Wait Gym Entry
  • Sell gym memberships 24 hours a day, with no staff necessary
  • Add members through automated advertising, such as Facebook ads, email campaigns or social media