24-7 Revenue

Imagine prospects can sign up at your facility
24 hours a day and gain immediate access. Talk about a value add!

Automated Billing

The Gymnify system gently and regularly contacts members whose payment information has lapsed.
Eliminate delinquent AR and never have another conversation with a client about billing again.

Immediate Access Automation

Our cloud-based facility access system allows for new registrations and access during unmanned hours helping your business to grow around the clock.

Integrated Virtual Training

Members can access their gym's live on site, live virtual, and on-demand classes directly.
This means one schedule and one billing portal - whether members are training at home or on site.


Gymnify, The ultimate gym management solution

Gymnify is a revolutionary, cloud based gym management system developed exclusively for franchise brand owners, private gym owners, gym managers, fitness instructors, personal trainers, and gym members.  

Gymnify features comprehensive member management, automated sales and billing, on-sight and virtual class scheduling, integrated messaging and marketing, deep reporting, and a host of  other sales and admin tools to make your gym more profitable and more fun to operate.  Plus Gymnify is constantly evolving and rolls out incredible new tools all the time.

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Main Features

Gymnify - Gym Management Software

Touch Free Member Sales

Toss your access cards in the trash! Long gone are the days of manually entering new member’s information. With GYMNIFY, new gym members will be able to register/sign up and pay for a membership plan using any web browser or mobile device. After payment is approved by our integrated merchant account, which typically takes a few seconds, GYMNIFY will automatically generate and assign a dynamic QR code to that specific member that can then be immediately used to access the facility and other resources. This automated process is so simple you’ll wonder why all systems aren’t this efficient.

Gymnify - Gym Management Software

Virtual Training

Our Virtual Training feature breaks down the physical walls and positions your gym to serve clients located anywhere in the world. The virtual training and fitness tracking system may be used as a supplement to traditional in-facility services, or as a stand-alone option for those individuals who either don’t need or don’t want the full suite of onsite services available, but could benefit with help establishing and maintaining their workout regime, to be available to answer questions, to monitor their performance, and provide encouragement. Best of all, your clients’ fitness statistics are automatically updated regardless of which service they choose!

Gymnify - Gym Management Software

Dashboards & Scheduling

Create, manage and access your own at-a-glance calendar view of all activities and scheduled events, including on-site and virtual activities, as well as payment status, messages, alerts, and a whole lot more.

With our fully web enabled calendaring and event management system, it’s easy for owners, managers, and trainers to manage their classes and event schedules, so your members are always up to date and can easily sign-up and pay for it all with just a few clicks on any device.

Gymnify - Gym Management Software

Fully Automated Billing

GYMNIFY automates all gym member billing from sign-up through renewal, including point-of-sale and upgraded service purchases. In addition to automating new member sign-up, Gymnify’s online member management can be configured to send text and/or email reminders to members as their renewal date approaches and the system can be configured to immediately lock out members who are delinquent until they log-in and provide updated payment information, or allow them to continue accessing the facility during a predefined grace period.

Gymnify - Gym Management Software

Point of Sale System

Gymnify has an integrated state of the art point of sale system, making it seamless to help your members purchase supplements, T-shirts, water bottles, and just about anything else.

Track inventory and reorder needs with inventory tracking.

Plus, with our integrated shipping management, you can choose to allow only in-gym purchase pickup, or expand your reach with online purchases and shipping. 

Gymnify - Gym Management Software

Get Your Money Faster

Have you ever asked yourself why it takes weeks to get your money from the merchant account/credit card processor? Well, we certainly have, and we don’t like it one bit. That is exactly why GYMNIFY’s automated billing system is configured to aggregate all payments received at exactly 9:00 pm each and every day, and it then deposits your hard earned money into your account at 9:00 pm the next day. This means you never have to wait more than 24 hours to get your money! Now that’s what we call fantastic cash flow management.

Gymnify - Gym Management Software

Management Technology

GYMNIFY’s gym management system operates on fully redundant, virtualized Linux servers located in our data center with battery backup, fire suppression, physical security, and dedicated cooling and monitoring systems, and our door monitoring was evaluated and hand selected to provide the very best and most reliable hardware at the most affordable cost. In addition, GYMNIFY is loaded with numerous system health checks and automated alerts to help us ensure the solution is stable, responsive, and ready when you are.


Gymnify is everything they said it would be. Our members literally hung outside watching other members scan their bar code to access the facility, and inside high fives were going around. Finally, a system that truly manages everything, even our multiple locations. Great product! 5 Stars *****
Fit 24 - Calera
I've been using Gymnify for quite a while now and it is a rock solid system that I don't have to think about because it just works and let's me focus on the gym.
Iron Factory Gym